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Our Mission is to offer a program for handlers with challenges where they can be partnered with a coach and a dog, with a goal of learning to train dogs! Requirement for handlers is that they have been determined to have intellectual disabilities.
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  CHamps is all about fun with dogs while learning communication skills! Handlers are teamed with a coach and the coach's dog, who is a trained obedience and/or therapy dog. Handlers learn how to give simple training commands such as, walk, sit, down, stay and more during the first level. The handlers follow a written curriculum of levels designed by the Champs Foundation. Each session runs for 4-6 weeks and when the handler completes all the requirements of a level they graduate to the next level. The program also includes helping handlers work with their own dogs, or continuing to work with the coach's dog as the handler progresses thru various levels of training. Classes advance to include training for Obedience, Rally and Agility with a goal of entering Champs competitions. As handlers become proficient in their skills we believe it also opens up employment or volunteer opportunities for them, possibly at training centers, dog shelters, doggy day out facilities and other dog related businesses.   
What is Champs
Champs is a non profit 501 C3 Foundation with Headquarters at 1000 E. Memphis Pl, Suite C, Broken Arrow, OK 74012. Office Hours by Appt Only
What is the Purpose of the Champs Foundation

Teaching handlers brand new skills that will help them in everyday life situations. Benefits include physical, psychological and social improvements. They learn interpersonal skills, social interaction, communication skills, cognitive thinking, improvement in speech and clarity of speech, self-confidence, self- esteem, they learn problem solving skills, awareness of body space, improved range of motion, fine and gross motor skills, they are forced to stay on task and focus on a task, they learn to follow instruction and also to give instruction, they are building better relationships with both people and animals.
The development of levels for the program and training manuals to be used for other training centers across the state and throughout the entire nation. The program is developed in levels and each level designed or targeted to meet certain goals by the end of that session. Champs Foundation is responsible for creating training manuals for each level. The manual should be followed by other centers as closely as possible. A reporting system will be developed so that an outside training center’s program can be reviewed by the Champs Foundation.  
Accrediting other training centers to use the program developed by Champs.
Develop and organize recognized competitions for local, state, regional and National competition, using the levels and/or skills developed by the Champs Foundation for the guidelines of the competitions.
Employment and volunteer opportunities. As handlers become proficient in their skills we believe it will open up some employment or volunteer opportunities for them as well, possibly at training centers, dog shelters, doggy day out facilities and other dog related businesses.  

Champs is featured in the 2014 March/April issue of a popular Tulsa magazine.  Pages 8-10

    Spring 2014 issue of the Saint Fancier featured an article about Champs written by one of our coaches, Amy McCarthy who brings her wonderful Champs dog named Twister! 
In the news, articles about Champs........
Champs Foundation has a mention in the Summer issue of Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma! The article is about one of our coaches, Sharon Wilson, and her lovely Samoyeds, who serve as Champs dogs among other fun activities!

Champs is an approved therapy dog group for those dogs who are registered with AKC. Champs dogs can earn hours toward the AKC Therapy Dog Program.

Visit this link to learn more about the AKC therapy dog program

Fly The Coop news blogger visited Champs!
The story aired on Channel 6 News, January 8, 2016

See the story here
Two lovely Whippets, Keaton and Taylor, were nominated for the Willow Award, which is  privately-sponsored  Award for the Therapy Whippet of the Year and is traditionally announced at the whippets Nationals Awards Banquet.  They are both owned by Carrie Williams  Read about their nomination below!
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